Handcrafted dishes ready for sale

We prepare fresh foods every day for venues, bars, gyms, cold and hot tables, and all catering activities

From today, you can offer your customers new, fresh, high-quality products

With Delybro, you can expand your range with pre-packaged artisan products and increase the profit margin without compromising on food quality

Without having to invest in your facility and spend hours of staff preparing

In addition, our preparations are made with high-quality ingredients and follow strict food safety standards, so you can offer your customers the best food without worries

We guarantee orders with ample sales margins.

We offer a wide selection of healthy and delicious products, including salads, poke bowls, sushi, and much more.

We are here to help restaurateurs and bar owners improve their profit margins and offer their customers new proposals.

Order today, receive tomorrow.

Add value to your business with Delybro!

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your business

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This way, you can increase your profit margin and improve the experience of your customers with healthy and tasty dishes.

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